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Africa Inland Mission
January 18, 2013 2:21 pm
Published in: Prayer request

Aaron and I have been constantly learning the depth and power of prayer. Over our past two years of marriage and five years of dating, we have encountered many trials that would not have been overcome if not for grace and love from our Heavenly Father. We truly see now, as we begin to raise support for Uganda, that we must submit ourselves to God and his plan for our lives. Many possible obstacles weigh on our minds, but we must daily choose to put them on Christ’s shoulders and enjoy this time of faith. We would like for you to come alongside us as we bring our requests before the Lord in prayer.

This Spring will be Aaron and I’s last semester of college. We pray for concentration and focus as we come to a close with our separate educations at Union. We also pray for the deference of my school loans without stress or extra payments.

We seek to enjoy our fundraisers and the time we have with our brothers and sisters here in the United States.

Perhaps the biggest concern on my heart is for my Registered Nurse Boards. I am unable to sign up for them until Graduation day on May 18th, which is only one month from our departure date. I need prayer for my peace of mind that i will be able to take and pass the exam before leaving the country.

We pray that financial support will be generous and that we will be kept safe during our immigration and travels.

We seek to prepare our hearts for being away from home, but most importantly we pray that God will use us as His tool of discipleship. May we be filled with his Holy Spirit as we strive to proclaim his name.

Thank you for your love,


One Response to “Bring it to the Lord in Prayer”

  1. Christina Gunther Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am going to commit to pray daily for you both!
    Hey, I also found a long blue and white skirt for you at Kohls!
    Love yous,

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