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Africa Inland Mission
March 5, 2013 1:57 pm

Hello again everyone,

We are fresh off our first official fundraiser and blessed by God in ways we never expected. The Uganda Love this Date Night was a rampaging success bringing in over 800 dollars. Moreover, God has seen fit to provide over $10,000 for our mission so far. I try not to think about it too much because I have a slight fear that I am still suffering under purple spot madness from my yellow fever vaccine. But so far, no spots! Emmy and I are overwhelmingly grateful for all of your prayers and support as we gear up to go. I have a special request that everyone could pray for Emmy as her nursing work has really started to ramp up in the last weeks. We have much work ahead of us, but God has even been gracious there. We have wonderful families and friends who keep finding new ways to help support us.

Coming up on March 10th Emmy and I will be giving a short presentation to Center Grove Presbyterian Church in Edwardsville. Then on March 13th Mike Van Beek has put together a wonderful soup dinner from 5 to 6:30 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Edwardsville. Please come out and thank him in person for this great gift, as Emmy and I will be in Jackson, TN for the dinner. Also, someone grab me a to go bowl of soup.

We are also gearing up for two Trivia Nights in April. There is now an official flier for the Edwardsville trivia night (Click here for the flier). We hope to see everyone there. Pro tip: brush up on your Ugandan trivia, it might just come in handy. Trivia Night Edwardsville is April 12th and Trivia Night Jackson is April 20th. Both nights will be a great opportunity to come out and prove that you are smarter than someone else is. We will have door prizes at both events so everyone has a chance to win even if they don’t know who holds the current record for wickets and runs in a single match of Cricket. (That will not be a question, I promise) The best part of both of these events is the opportunity to share both fun and fellowship with your friends and family. Feel free (heck, feel encouraged) to invite anyone you like to a trivia night or the soup dinner. Emmy and I look forward to meeting bunches of new people!

As I said earlier, please be in prayer for Emmy as she does school, work, and fundraising. Also, we have some other interesting opportunities coming up with AIM and would appreciate prayers for guidance in God’s plan for us as we travel to Uganda. Emmy will be applying for a Ugandan nursing license and this process looks to be a little interesting. Finally, don’t forget to put your email in the box on the left side of the page to receive updates straight to your inbox!



One Response to “Awesome God”

  1. Debbie Hale Says:

    Great, praise The Lord, He is Good! I will love to read of all your exciting and blessed adventures. PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP ME POSTED! Bless the both of you.

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