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Africa Inland Mission
March 12, 2013 6:04 pm
Published in: fundraising,General

This post is a special Thank You to the Edwardsville division of the Association to Raise Funds for Aaron and Emmy to Travel to Uganda on a Mission (Edw. ARFAETUM for short). This team is composed of several Core Members (Terry & Sherry Brakhane and Roger & Christina Gunther), Associates (Angela Ferando, Josh Gunther, Brenda Leitner, Bonnie Miller, Marvin Brakhane, Center Grove Presbyterian Church, and Trinity Lutheran Church), and Special Events Coordinator (Mike VanBeek). To date, our Business Partners include: Crystal Garden, Gillihan Concrete, Inc., State Farm-Carol Vangeison, Edward Jones-Matthew Johnson, Norma’s Produce and Greenhouses, Legacy Screen Printing-Connie Plocher, Thrivent Financial and The Bank of Edwardsville.  Without these organizations and individuals Emmy and I would undoubtedly be stuck.

We are enormously grateful for each and every person who has or will help to support our mission. God in His infinite and indecipherable understanding has seen fit to provide us with wonderfully generous friends and family. This generosity is not just financial; many people have given abundantly of their time and energy in planning, coordinating, and encouraging Emmy and I. We pray and trust that God will repay this kindness, because we are woefully unable to show even a modicum of the appropriate amount of appreciation. God bless.


P.S. Don’t forget come to Trinity Lutheran Church on Wednesday 3/13/13 (tomorrow!) hungry for soup. Mike VanBeek has been cooking up a storm and it’s going to be scrumptious. Also,you can sign up on the right side of the page for email updates!

One Response to “Thank You Team!”

  1. Debbie Hale Says:

    That is so great. GOD DOES PROVIDE A WAY!

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