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Africa Inland Mission
May 14, 2013 9:53 pm

Today marks a rather momentous change in Emmy and I’s lives. Lord willing, we just finished school. Moreover, a month from today we depart for Uganda. As I said, this is a day of change. As we look forward to building relationships with the people we will meet, we have started the lengthy goodbye process here in Jackson.

In an effort to prepare ourselves for the culture shock and shock in general Emmy and I have begun to pray specifically for people on our team and those whose names we do not yet know. We cannot be sure what the future will bring. We know though that it will be different from the lives we live today, but different is a wide word. Accepting the changes that God has in store for us will not always be easy. I know that I have felt the stress of leaving our home here in Jackson, and I have actively avoided the impending stress of leaving our family in Edwardsville.

But, something has begun to occur to me more and more regularly as our trip approaches. The changes that happen in our lives are a part of the plan, yes. However, they are not the plan. Our lives are not the end goal of God’s cosmic design. The fame of his name and the glory of his son Jesus Christ, are the end game. In this cosmic plan, we play such a small part. After all, the conclusion has been set from the foundations of the earth. If we do not go to Uganda, God’s name will still be great and mighty. His son will return to Earth in glory, over the new creation.

Then we go, not because it is necessary to make the name of God great. We go because the name of God is great. We go because, for us, not going is not safe. I know a thing or two about safety. I am notoriously uncomfortable on roller coasters, but what if roller coasters are not the preeminent danger facing me. In fact, I am pretty sure that they are not. The most virile threat on my radar is a life of spiritual tepidity. It seems that staying in safe places, physically, does not mean that safety eternally.

So we are going. We are going with the goal of increasing God’s fame. We go knowing that he is so very great that our own words will never convey the truth. In the end, we go because it has been commanded. For our own good, and the good of those who have not heard the name of Jesus. We go to tell and then to pray that the Spirit would come and complete the work we are incapable of completing.


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