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Africa Inland Mission
June 19, 2013 12:48 am


We are at the Matoke Inn in Uganda! We are so happy to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. Your prayers continue to bless us greatly. Thank you all so much. We are still a little unclear on how much internet connectivity we will have. So we may be doing mass updates every few weeks, or we may get to post weekly. Keep praying!


2 Responses to “We made it!!”

  1. Debbie hale Says:

    Gradually to hear you are there. How great. Always praying for you both ad you seek to serve the Lord and his people! Love u

  2. Susan Says:

    Yeah!!! Sooo excited for you, and can’t imagine what new sights and culture you’ve enjoyed already. Interestingly, MTW just posted today about another missionary family leaving for Uganda today also… looks like you’re in quite the happenin’ spot lol. Blessings and Prayers ♥

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