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Africa Inland Mission
June 30, 2013 4:12 pm
Published in: In Africa!,Photos
Our beautiful hillside. Something to praise God for every morning and evening.

Our beautiful hillside. Something to praise God for every morning and evening.


<AIM gave us a book called “The Live-Dead journal.” It has been a book filled with words of truth on the days that I need it the most. The quotes from John Piper and Rosemarie come from the journal. >

“Are you sure that God wants you to keep doing what you are doing? For most of you, He probably does. Your calling is radical obedience for the glory of Christ right where you are. But for many of you… God wants to loosen your roots and plant you in another place. Some of you He is calling to fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, to fall like a grain of wheat into some distant ground and die, to hate your life in this world and so keep it forever and bear much fruit.” John Piper in the sermon on the White Witness of Adoniram Judson.

SO much love from these children

SO much love from these children

This past Wednesday we had our first worship service/bible study on the compound. We were asked to lead the music and the message on this particular Wednesday. The time proved to be fruitful and encouraging. We were able to attract many of the caregivers and children to the service and had the opportunity to pray out loud with all of them. This experience was a turning point in the beginning of our journey for me. I saw how this center is truly functional without us. We are here to be servants, to help and to learn in whatever way we can, but AFAAYO will be just the same when we leave. There will be no issues with losing a needed nurse, teacher, or physical therapist. But, I have discovered that we are bringing something new to the table.

I believe it is a challenge for the staff to find the time and the energy to interact on a personal and spiritual level with the caregivers at the compound. Therefore, this is what we as a group are called to do. We are here to be missionaries. We have been building trust, relationships, and language, so that we may be able to share Christ and build brothers and sisters up in the faith. I myself have not really sought to have a conversation with an individual about Jesus or about faith. It is not something that I did well or often in the States either. I want to, but I fail. I have seen my weakness and my need for the Holy Spirit in this way. I become timid and uncertain of how to explain my Savior to someone who may not understand me or who may be disinterested. I can see here and now that God is teaching me how to make my will his own and his strength my own. I pray that my growth here in Uganda will be radical and will come

back to America with me in six months so that I may better serve my brothers and sisters, the church, and ultimately My Lord.

“The more I rest in his strength, the more my loving Creator fullfils the truest and deepest longings of my soul. My heart has ceased to be willful. My heart has become willing.” Rosemarie Hanson in Kenya

Jemimah was in a serious taxi accident where she broke her femur, shattered a knee cap, had a head contusion, and went through multiple skin graftings.

Jemimah was in a serious taxi accident where she broke her femur, shattered a knee cap, had a head contusion, and went through multiple skin graftings.

Please pray: For physical health- I have been experiencing headaches throughout the past 2 days that have dampered my willingness and energy to interact meaningfully with the children and the parents. Also, that our team will remain free of any intestinal issues and malaria. A few have felt under the weather on different days of the week. But so far it has been nothing serious. Praise God. For the sweet and beautiful children who have to suffer through so much pain and long-term healing. It was sad to say goodbye to two of the children this past weekend, but it was also exciting to know that they are recovering well enough to go home! For our team as we seek to truly be missionaries, not just workers-  to seek where our true need is and to be able to offer ourselves as servants of the Lord. For a mindset of thankfulness and gratitude as we love and grow with the people and the culture here.



One Response to “Moo-Coma Agway Co-mexa: God Bless You”

  1. christina gunther Says:

    What a beautiful blog of sharing your deepest thoughts. I love the pictures too! Kids always have loved being around you.
    Love you so much!

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