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Africa Inland Mission
October 12, 2013 2:34 am

Safari means ‘trip’ in Swahili so even though we did not go to a game park, that title is technically correct. We have been on Holiday in Kenya for the last week or so. We stayed 2 days in Nairobi (and saw lots of animals! Video here!) and then took a train to Mombasa. The train was supposed to take 15 hours to complete the journey… It took 21. The bus over the same distance takes 7 hours. We are taking the bus back. From Mombasa, we traveled to Watamu and stayed at a a resort on the Indian ocean. There we relaxed by the pools and ocean and went snorkeling! The meals, and indeed the rest of the guests were very Italian. In fact, this resort is so Italian that none of the printed materials have a bit of English in them. So we just kind of wing it. It is hilarious to meet Africans who greet you in Italian though. “Jambo, Ciao!” A bit of Spanish helps to bridge the gap, that and Alice, who just finished school for translation. She helped a lot, because as it turned out that 3 out of 4 Italians in that conversation did not speak English. It has been a great rest. My skin is burned though and we are ready to get back to the center. Today we travel back to Nairobi and Sunday we complete the journey back to Mukono. We pray for safe travel and rejoice to see our friends at ACHERU again!


Giraffes are so cool! My mud puddle! Look, he's just a little guy Hallloooo So cuteDSCN7509 Emmy with Bolt the CheetahI don't think this was poisonous... Snorkel is a funny word View from our hotel DSCN7597

Video !!! 

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